Episode 58 - Sweet Whispers ASMR 3

58: [Mature Content] Sweet Whispers 3

In Episode 58 of The ASMR Podcast we welcome back Sweet Whispers ASMR  with more content suitable for a mature audience only. Today Yael presents part 1 of Can I Tell You A Secret? – a sensual roleplay.



You can visit Sweet Whispers ASMR on her YouTube channel and find her on Twitter and her Patreon.


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  • Missskitttin

    Have you thought of bringing a male Yael? That would be genius!. This is for sweet whispers: I noticed her microphone is making a hard “S” sound whenever she says anything starting with an s. Or when she eats or chews gum during the podcast (sometimes you can heara slurp)There is a small (about 5-6 inch) screen that is placed in front of the microphone when recording called a “pop filter”. It’s specifically designed to avoid those hard “P’s” and “S’s” which are referred to as “plosives”. Places like musiciansfriend.com sell them as would any recording specialty store. Hope to be of help!